A history of success

With a seventy year history of successfully performing light and heavy industrial construction projects, RMF Nooter has grown into the largest regional provider of mechanical and electrical contracting services.


1947 – William Ferrel, Inc. named after the founder, began as a Pipefitter – Steamfitter and Plumbing Company. In the early 1950’s, Mr. Ferrel creates a boilermaker division. The formation of this Division attracts notable experts in welding such as Richard Lester, Dale Sheidler and others.

Mr. Richard Lester is promoted to President in 1974.  Ownership changes when investors from Chicago purchase the Company in 1983.  Mr. Lester decides to leave William Ferrel, Inc. in 1986.  The Corporation dissolves in 1989.

1986 – Great Lakes Industrial Contracting, Inc. (GLIC) is formed by Mr. Lester and investors from Michigan.  The best project managers, welders and support staff from William Ferrel, Inc. follow Mr. Lester to GLIC.  After several successful years completing railroad and boilermaker construction projects, GLIC expands to offer electrical, instrumentation, and millwright capabilities.

1988 – Great Lakes Industrial Contracting, Inc. is purchased by RMF Global, Inc. a holding Company incorporated in 1976, and operates as a subsidiary.

1994 – RMF Global, Inc. consolidates business interests and creates RMF Industrial Contracting, Inc. from the former Great Lakes Industrial Contracting, Inc.

1997 – Philip Services Corporation (PSC) purchases RMF Global, Inc. PSC retains the RMF Industrial Contracting, Inc. name.  President Richard Lester retires in 1998.

2003 – Present.  Nooter Construction Company of St. Louis, Missouri, purchases RMF Industrial Contracting, Inc. and renames the company; RMF Nooter, Inc.