2019 Kelly Schultz Scholarship: $1,000 Scholarship to Miss Stephens with RMF Nooter’s SVP and GM, Jake Josias and HR Manager Kristi Brinker at her side.




2019 Richard Lester Scholarship $1,000 Scholarship to Mr. Ellia, with proud dad at his side.

About Kelly Schultz:

Kelly Schultz began his career as a Union Pipefitter and eventually became an integral part of the project management team at RMF Nooter. Kelly embodied the type of employee that RMF Nooter strives to retain. He had a unique way of serving the customers’ needs while keeping RMF Nooter’s best interests in mind and treating craftsmen with respect. With his positive attitude and bright smile, Kelly was an expert in the field of industrial construction as well as a beloved member of the RMF Nooter family. The Kelly Schultz Memorial Scholarship has been established to honor Kelly, who
lost his fight to cancer in 2014 at the age of 42.

About Richard Lester:

Richard Lester began his career as a Union Boilermaker and eventually served as President and Owner of the company now known as RMF Nooter. Richard was an integral part of negotiations with unions and customers, but his
ability to lead and inspire extended past the walls of RMF Nooter. He served on various boards and committees, and acted as President of the Mechanical Contractors Association. He was a father to three daughters who have also contributed greatly to RMF Nooter, illustrating that women can play a key role in the construction industry. The Richard
Lester Scholarship has been established to acknowledge the importance of women and minorities in construction and to honor a man who embraced change and progress to achieve greatness.