RMF Nooter’s competencies in refinery construction provide  us the experience to focus on the critical elements of executing capital projects during normal plant operations. Being the largest refinery contractor in the region, we have executed over 3.0 million capital project manhours over the last six years.

As with all refinery work, Safety is a top-level concern, especially when working in and around operating Units.  RMF Nooter prides itself in its building and use of a highly effective Safety Program, which often requires that we create a project specific Safety Plan. the RMF Nooter Safety Program is constructed upon the internationally recognized Occupational Health & Safety Advisory Services 18001 structure.

Another top-level concern within capital projects is construction quality.  From our ISO-based RMF Nooter Management System, to our ASME certified quality manual, our staff of welding engineers and quality professionals rely on an internal body of knowledge, and processes, as well as over 4,000 ASME Section IX qualified procedures to deliver superior results for your project.

RMF Nooter has two fabrication facilities staffed by expert craftsmen:  a 37,500 sq-ft facility in Toledo, Ohio and a 14,000 sq-ft facility in Lima, Ohio. This means more fabrication and productivity, and more cost savings for our customers.