RMF Nooter Fabrication project

Where others deliver standard, we bring more to your project.

RMF Nooter is an employee-owned mechanical and electrical industrial construction & maintenance contractor. In addition to world-class construction and maintenance services, RMF Nooter provides construction rigging engineers and heavy lifting / equipment relocation experts to ensure safe, efficient lifts. Facility leaders who care about what is best for their manufacturing, utility or refining company and employees, turn to RMF Nooter.

When your company’s safety record, up-time, budget and reputation are on the line, talk is useless; you want more. You want proof. We bring more to your project and we can prove it. We take pride in our workmanship and have an unparalleled safety record, our professional project management leaves nothing to chance.

We offer:

  • Safety leadership
  • Exceptional quality
  • Optimal productivity
  • Minimal operational disruption
  • Unmatched ability to respond


More than talk. Over seventy years of proof in the mechanical and electrical industrial contractor industry.

RMF Nooter has successfully managed industrial construction projects for over seventy years. That’s over seventy years of completing projects on time. Over seventy years of coming in on-budget. Over seventy years of astonishing safety records. Over seventy years of proof. High quality craftsmanship, project management expertise, specialized in-house capabilities, and proven quality in mechanical & electrical construction, all come together at RMF Nooter. You truly can expect more. On every project, every day.