More than welding.
We are code experts.

We are the authors and experts of the construction codes our customers and other contractors reference. We have been performing safe, quality industrial construction, repair and maintenance services for over seventy years. With more responsive service and a level of expertise that is unmatched, we always deliver more for our customers.

We have developed and qualified over 4,000 ASME Certified Welding Procedures, including the ability to weld specialty alloys such as HastelloyTM, nickel and MonelTM.  Additionally, we are the largest local provider of ASME qualified welders in the region.

Each of our quality supervisors and Inspectors hold Certified Welding Inspector certificates (CWI) issued by the American Welding Society. RMF Nooter has nine full-time quality professionals on staff, one welding engineer and other engineering support. We have the capabilities to perform code required calculations.